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Fresh and Healthy meals Made With Love.


We serve delicious, nourishing food, staying true to our commitment of focusing on Therapeutic and Soul comforting meals. We are not your your typical TV Dinners!!

Our Core Value

Our core goal is to be a healthy food conscious corporation.

What does this mean?

We whole heartedly believe you are what you eat. Which also means that our health to a large extent is directly linked to our diets, rather it be food, visual, auditory or other regimen that are entering our temple (mind/body/soul).

St. Pauls and Toasted Ravs

Product Procurement

Connecting with local farms and vendors, we make effort to find the most healthful, high quality product to prepare our meals. Staying true to the saying " you are what you eat!"


We prepare all meals in-house from scratch all the way down to our seasoning blends. In doing this we know exactly what goes into our meals and it also gives our customers this comfort as well.

Delivered to Your door.

Once you place your order with us. Our staff will prepare your meals, package them and have them delivered to your front door within 48hrs. When you unbox your meals you will see instruction on how to complete preparation of your meals. Subscribe to our weekly or Monthly Meal-plans for awesome gifts, offers and free meals.

Cooking Tonight? Let us help!

Our meals are freshly prepared from scratch in-house and come to your home to complete with little assembly. This advances the quality of your meal. We are not your typical TV dinners.

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