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Latashia Jackson CDM, CFPP

Latashia Jackson, CDM, CFPP, is a highly skilled Chef and Owner of The Clean Diet LLC, with years of experience in diverse culinary roles. She has a reputation for delivering exceptional results in high-volume food production, restaurant retail, elegant/casual catering, healthy meal preparation, and private chef services. Chef Jackson holds various certifications, including Certified Dietary Manager (CDM), Certified Food Protection Professional (CFPP), Hospitality and Restaurant Management, ServSafe Manager and Food production which highlights her expertise in the culinary field. She is also an active member of distinguished professional organizations such as The Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals (ANFP) and American Culinary Federation (ACF).

Chef Jackson's innovative approach to cooking reflects her "outside the box" thinking, characterized by her signature spin on classic dishes. While she acknowledges and reveres traditional culinary techniques and preparations, she infuses her creativity and a sophisticated blend of spices into her cooking, resulting in delicious meals that have captivated and delighted thousands. Her passion, respect, and dedication to the culinary industry are evident in every dish she prepares.

About The Clean Diet

Our core values are to create a healthy food conscious community.

What does this mean? You are what you eat.

Which also means that our health to a large extent is directly linked to our diets. Rather it be food, visual or auditory that are entering our temple (mind/body/soul).

 At the Cognizant Table we take care in the observation and awareness of the product that goes into each meal we prepare. From our animal protein, in which we make sure is top quality, GMO free, ethically raised and fed to other ingredients in like consciousness when purchasing and preparing. We closely follow biblical dietary laws when preparing each meal, so we do not administer pork, shell fish or any product considered unclean in essence to the Mosaic laws. This does not in any way dismiss flavor of any meals. Our Chef is capable of recreating meals that consist of full vegetarian products to please even our dedicated meat eaters. Please feel free to discuss with an associate your diet and or party as we are fully capable of producing a wide range of tasty products that are sure to please.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Phone: 314-262-5802

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